Data Center Infrastructure Management Market Poised to reach USD 3,075 Million by 2028

Data Center Infrastructure Management market

The data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market is growing due to the rapidly increasing adoption of cloud computing and efficient management of data centers in order to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. However, high initial cost and lack of high-tech equipment like sensors to track and record the data may impede the market growth…

A study recently conducted by the strategic consulting and market research firm, BlueWeave Consulting, revealed that the global Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market reached USD 1,741.85 million in 2021. The global Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market is further expected to reach USD 3075.80 million by 2028 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.6% during 2022-2028 (forecast period). Growing concerns about IT components’ high-power consumption will drive demand for DCIM solutions that ensure energy efficiency. The persistent increase in chip and rack power densities has resulted from the surge in enterprise workloads with cloud and AI applications. As a result, data center operators are increasingly focusing on energy-efficient cooling solutions. Cooling management solution aids in the management of IT infrastructure overheating. Overheating causes system failure and downtime, hence DCIM systems that enable optimal thermal control will be in high demand over the forecast period 2022-2028.

Growing Trends and Adoption of Colocation Data Centers Is Expected To Bolster The Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market Growth

Colocation data centers are gaining huge popularity, especially in emerging economies like China, India, South Korea, etc. Colocation services are often used by small and medium businesses since they are cost-effective and can support high data loads more effectively. The flourishing colocation data centers are providing huge growth opportunities to the global data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market. Moreover, colocation providers are increasingly adopting DCIM software for improving the efficiency of their centers and expanding their profit margins.

Data traffic has increased due to the increased usage of digital services such as online purchasing, video-on-demand, and digital payments. The increase in data has spurred firms in various industries to build the infrastructure required to retain, store, and process data at a faster rate. Many businesses are facing issues as a result of the large expenditure and lack of knowledge required to develop an in-house IT facility. Despite the hefty initial expenditure, many businesses choose to use data center colocation services to assure data security and high-quality network connectivity in order to maximize profitability.

The increasing volume of data generated by social media and over-the-top (OTT) platforms has increased demand for data centers and colocation services. The number of active social media users is expanding at an exponential rate, contributing to the growing data from these platforms. The OTT sector in India witnessed a 30% rise in the number of paid subscribers, from 22.2 million to 29.0 million between March and July 2020 according to the data provided by IBEF. Furthermore, the Covid-19 epidemic has increased the use of OTT and streaming services, resulting in greater data volumes, which is projected to fuel market growth.

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IT & telecom segment occupied the largest market share in the end-user category

Based on end-users, the global data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market is segmented into banking, financial services, and insurance, government, it and telecom, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, and others. Among these, the IT and telecom sector accounts for the largest market share. The telecom sector is growing at a high rate, especially in the emerging economies, which is significantly propelling the demand for efficient and low-cost data centers. Telecom companies need efficient data centers to continuously process an enormous amount of data with low latency, which in turn is driving the growth of the global data center infrastructure management market.

North America Accounted for the Largest Share in the Global Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market.

In terms of regional analysis, the global data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market has been classified into North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East, and Africa. Amidst the segmentation, North America accounted for the largest share of the global DCIM market in 2021. This can be attributed to the vast number of data centers can be found throughout North America. Due to the increased emphasis on energy-efficient data centers in North America, the DCIM industry is likely to expand in demand.

The United States and Canada are the two most important countries in the DCIM market in North America. Vertiv, Nlyte Software, Panduit, and Sunbird Software are some of the major DCIM vendors in North America. Due to the significant presence of existing data centers and vendors in the region, the high adoption rate of data center network management solutions is likely to fuel market expansion. The advent of the cloud computing platform has expanded the number of data centers, and expanding investments to build new hyper-scale data centers are driving up demand over the projected period.

Impact Of COVID-19 On the Global Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has recognized the important role of data centers computing in our culture. During the early stages of the crisis, the data center industry acted as a safety net for the global economy, enabling a significant shift to online services for corporations, schools, and non-profits. As a result of growing disruption and digital adoption, businesses are experiencing a flood of information. Because of the rising usage of cloud computing and technical improvements, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for IT infrastructure. The demand for data center infrastructure management services is increasing as more consumers and organizations use data center and cloud services.

To thrive in this economy, it is essential to establish an effective internal control network. Data consumption and generation have reached new highs, and the country’s need for solid data infrastructure is increasing by the day. Cloud adoption, digital transformation, and social media usage will continue to fuel demand, as will new Industry 4.0 technologies like as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things.

During the massive lockdowns, digital services have fast become the most important tool for maintaining business. The lack of a defined event horizon for the COVID pandemic complicates forecasting future increased DCIM demand, as does the requirement to construct IT infrastructure for a world in which COVID may rebound, and continuity plans must account for future pandemics

Competitive Landscape

The leading market players in the global data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market are Schneider Electric SE, Vertiv Group Corp, Panduit, CommScope Inc. (iTRACS Corporation Inc), RF Code, SolarWinds, Nlyte Software Inc, Stulz GmbH, Rackwise, FNT GmbH, Johnson Controls International PLC, ABB Ltd, Eaton Corporation PLC, Siemens AG, Modius, Sunbird Software, Delta Electronics, Raritan, Inc, Stulz GmbH, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

In September 2021, Nlyte, an independent DCIM software developer, has been acquired by Carrier, a cooling firm. The two companies did not disclose the purchase price or other terms, but the deal gives Carrier access to expertise in data center infrastructure management (DCIM), which will be combined with Carrier’s building automation systems division, Automated Logic Corporation, which Carrier purchased in 2004. Nlyte’s intelligence will also be integrated into Carrier’s HVAC cooling equipment.

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