Data Center Cooling Market Size More Than Doubles to Cross USD 29 Billion by 2028

Data Center Cooling Market

Global data center cooling market is flourishing due to an increasing number of data centers set up across the countries, their power density, the emergence of liquid cooling technology and portable cooling technologies, growing demand for modular data center cooling approach, and innovative cooling techniques.

BlueWeave Consulting, a leading strategic consulting and market research firm, in its recent study, estimated global data center cooling market size at USD 12.3 billion in 2021. During the forecast period between 2022 and 2028, BlueWeave expects the size of global data center cooling market to grow at a significant CAGR of 13.2% reaching a value of USD 29.1 billion by 2028. New growth opportunities are anticipated to arise because of both future investment plans and the growing demand for energy-efficient data centers. Several managed and cloud service providers are gearing up for future growth to meet the escalating demand. Additionally, the market for hyperscale data centers is growing. Due to the widespread use of cloud services, the growing importance of big data, and the increase in the penetration of connected devices, businesses are increasing their investments in the construction of new data center facilities. All these elements are expected to increase demand for data center cooling over the next eight years. As a result, as data center facilities proliferate all over the world, so does the demand for cooling solutions.

Global Data Center Cooling Market – Overview

Data center operators use cooling solutions to maintain the temperature in data centers within a reasonable range. Data centers must run efficiently around the clock to process massive amounts of data. Data processing equipment generates heat energy, necessitating cooling to prevent overheating damage to the equipment. The two main categories of cooling systems are air-based and water-based. Air-based cooling is used to keep data centers at a constant temperature. Immersion cooling and water-cooled racks, in which liquid coolants are pumped over hot components to maintain their temperature, are the two further classifications of water-based cooling.

The pandemic and rising IT infrastructure spending are opening opportunities for new and expanded data center construction around the world. Because they offer a higher level of automation, software-based data centers also aid in the market’s expansion. The pandemic’s shift toward digital transformation has increased the demand for constructing scalable, secure, and flexible data center facilities. Because of this, the market for data center cooling is anticipated to grow favorably as investments in new data center facilities increase. In many industries, including manufacturing, BFSI, retail, and healthcare, data centers are the focal point of all essential IT infrastructure. The main factor influencing data center investments in these verticals is the requirement to manage enormous volumes of data while providing networking capabilities. However, because data centers produce a lot of heat, they need cooling solutions to keep the system up and running continuously. Therefore, any data center facility must prioritize data center cooling solutions.

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Opportunity: Rising Investments in Data Centers

Because of telecom operators’ increasing investments in data centers, IT and telecom applications will experience rapid growth in the data center cooling market over the forecast period. As a result of the increasing adoption of innovative technologies such as AI, machine learning, and Big Data, large data centers are being built in the telecom industry. Major corporations such as AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications, Inc., and BT Group PLC are investing in data center facilities to store massive amounts of data generated. This has increased market demand for energy-efficient data center cooling systems to effectively dissipate heat. The IT industry is being encouraged to use liquid cooling solutions, which have lower costs and higher efficiency.

Challenge: High Costs and Need for Specialized Infrastructure

On the other hand, it is anticipated that the need for specialized infrastructure and high investment costs will stifle market growth. During the forecast period of 2022–2028, decreased carbon emissions and cooling problems during power outages are also anticipated to present difficulties for the data center cooling market. The installation of data center cooling systems can be accomplished with only a few modifications to current data center configurations and at a low cost, thanks to creative solutions being developed by some vendors. Due to the excessive costs of construction and maintenance, the market for data center cooling is anticipated to decline.

Impact of COVID-19 on Global Data Center Cooling Market

COVID-19 impacted the data center cooling market. Data center cooling technology sales and production were hampered by low investment costs and a lack of employees. However, to develop the practices, the government and key market players adopted new safety measures. Because it targeted the right audience, the data center cooling industry’s sales rate increased as technology advanced.

Global Data Center Cooling Market – By Industry

The global data center cooling market is segmented by the industry: BFSI, IT and Telecom, Research & Academic, Governance & Defense, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, and others. The telecom industry, which currently holds the highest market share, is expected to maintain its leadership position during the forecast period. The global expansion of the IT and telecommunications sector is also expected to increase demand for data center cooling. The need for comparable data storage facilities to manage copious amounts of data in emerging telecommunication infrastructures is expected to drive up demand for data center cooling solutions. IT and telecommunications, retail, healthcare, BFSI, and energy are the key industries with significant data center needs. As the world moved toward implementing the recently introduced WFH mode, the demand for IT infrastructure increased, creating opportunities for new cooling techniques.

Competitive Landscape

Global data center cooling market is fiercely competitive. Prominent players in global electric scooter and motorcycle market include Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd., Asetek, Inc., Black Box Corporation, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Ltd., Nortek Air Solution, Rittal GmBh &, Schneider Electric, Stulz Gmbh, Vertiv Group Corp., Munters Group AB, Coolcentric, Adaptivcool, Johnson Controls, Inc., Delta Power Solutions, Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Shenzhen Envicool Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenglin M&E Technology Co., Ltd., and Aspen Systems. These companies use various strategies, including increasing investments in their R&D activities, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, licensing agreements, and new product and service releases to further strengthen their position in global data center cooling market.

The in-depth analysis of the report provides information about growth potential, upcoming trends, and statistics of Global Data Center Cooling Market. It also highlights the factors driving forecasts of total market size. The report promises to provide recent technology trends in Global Data Center Cooling Market and industry insights to help decision-makers make sound strategic decisions. Furthermore, the report also analyzes the growth drivers, challenges, and competitive dynamics of the market.

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